Strebel is a fusion of Strobo and Nebel. This means Strobo and Smoke in German. These are two of the doctors favourite ingredients the doctor likes to use in his recipes.

The doctor got much of his inspiration on the legendary ADM squat in Amsterdam where festivals like Robodock took place. The metal art and fire effects are still seen in many of the creations of dr. Strebel.
A great example are the 6 fire spitting metal dragons the doctor build together with Kihs1 for the Türmbühne of Fusion Festival in 2014.


It all started in the Berlin club Sisyphos were Floris started lights and learned how to transform spaces and dancefloors. In three years he reinvented the many spaces over and over again, pushing himself and the club to higher levels.
After three years it was time to explore the wide world, starting with the dragons for Fusion Festival 2014.
Of course this meant getting a team together and so Dr. Strebel was borne. In the years that followed Dr. Strebel build light concepts and metal installations for many festivals like Fusion, Wildeburg, Bucht der Träumer.

What does Dr Strebel do?

Dr. Strebel loves the fusion of metal constructions with light designs. Some recent examples are the kinetic light installation ‘Tentakel’ or the fire spitting ‘Dragonflies’.
Of course we are always looking for new adventures and we love making new concepts for exiting events.
So if you have an event or venue that could use a bit of Strebel, do not hesitate to contact us!

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