Some of the Light-Rigs we built.

Some of the areas the doctor treated with his most potent Medicines:

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Draken Photo by Juha Hansen Into the wood Beukenbos 2019 Void can’t green day grass…
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De Helling ‘Tentakel’ by Dr. StrebelStage by ATMFire by JoasLights by Dr. Strebel Draken Photo…
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Dragons and lights Fusion 2014 (5)

Fusion Festival – Türmbühne 2014Dragons by Dr. Strebel (also 2015, 2016)Lights by Dr. Strebel Tentakel…
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Dukdalve buy Dr. StrebelDecoration By Rotzig BeatsFire by ZündkollektivLichts By Berliner LichtBetrieben Way ham unwilling…
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